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Buffalo trophies of a lifetime

If you have ever hunted game in the Northern Territory such as feral pigs, scrub bulls and in particular our big-bodied Asiatic water buffaloes, it’s on the cards you will want to go again, at least one more time.

It’s just different in every way - with the wildlife, scenery, culture and untouched land. That’s why we often refer to it as the Last Frontier, and it truly is, having experienced it myself on three separate guided hunts. The memories are everlasting.

My good friends Alex, Ray and Bill recently returned from a three-day epic buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory with Shane, of Watts Safaris. This is the account of an extraordinary buffalo adventure. The three avid hunters had previously experienced successful Arnhem Land buffalo hunts at varying NT locations and have never lost passion and enthusiasm to return for more of the same.

Alex had more than fulfilled his desire for trophy buffaloes and tagged along for the camaraderie, to assist around camp and in unison with Shane, act as a back-up or support shooter for Bill and Ray. Time allowing,

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