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A stag (dinner) party

I could not recall the last time I had watched the weather with so much anticipation leading up to a roar. With loads of work at home, I was really keen to be away with my son for our annual red deer roar hunt.

Seven months had passed since our last hunt together and it was definitely a good excuse to replenish our venison stocks. Regardless of stag or hind, I am not as fussy as some hunters are for my choice of meat animal. I have mates who refuse to take a rutting stag as they believe the meat is too gamey and tastes awful. However, prepared correctly a rutting red stag can be just as nice to eat as a hind. Although a hind would ultimately be the preferred source of meat, a hunt is a hunt and I don’t complain either way.

Queensland had been in the grip of a drought for an extended period but a large amount of rain driven by an unseasonal cyclone was pelting the south-east corner. This presented a slight inconvenience to our hunting plans but a welcome relief for a parched

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