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Marlin’s 1895 GSBL - the legend continues

Advertising for the Marlin Model 1895 lever-action rifle first appeared in 1896, describing the rifle as “The Model 1895. Just Out. In .38-56, .40-65, .40-82, .45-70 and .45-90 calibres.” Since that time there have been numerous variations of the model. Component parts have been tweaked and modified, its appearance has changed somewhat, and of the original calibres that have come and gone over the years, only the .45-70 remains... yet the Model 1895 goes on.

In 2016, Marlin introduced the latest iteration of its legendary rifle, the Model 1895 GSBL. The GSBL designation stands for Guide Series Big loop Laminated stock. Like most of the modern Marlins, it is a compact rifle with an overall length of just 940mm. That length belies the weight of the rifle, which is an important consideration for anyone who lugs a firearm around the bush. On the positive side, it helps to dampen the recoil of the .45-70 cartridge the rifle is chambered for.

The receiver and action

Functionally, the Model 1895 GSBL receiver and action is identical to all the variations that have gone before it. The finger lever has an

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