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Bushcrafting fundamentals

I hold the opinion that nothing is more personal in a hunter’s kit than a knife. It’s an ‘up close and personal’ tool. It receives way more use than my rifles when I’m out hunting, even on extended trips. On a weekend red deer hunt I may only fire three or four shots (I’m a meat hunter, predominantly). Sure, my Winchester Model 70 in 7mm/08 puts venison in the freezer multiple times each year, but that firearm plays a supporting role. It’s the knives which do the lion’s share of the work.

My late father was a butcher’s apprentice when he was a kid and although he did not go on to become a butcher (conscription took him), he

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As many of us can attest, we sometimes make decisions in our formative years which in hindsight we realise were wrong. In my late teens I received a gift voucher for a clothing/sporting goods shop which was going out of business (and is now long gone
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Each piece of brass is completely prepped and ready to load. The case mouths have been chamfered and deburred. The flash holes are deburred and then checked for proper alignment. Each piece of brass is visually inspected at the factory and sealed in