Australian Hunter

Knick-knacks and gadgets for easier field dressing and hunter safety

The sheer volume of specialised gadgets and knick-knacks aimed towards the keen hunter can be mind-boggling. Most of these are tailored to the American and European markets but we Australians know hunting is hunting, no matter where in the world you are. Some products really make our efforts much easier and safer. Other items leave you scratching your head and having a laugh at the same time.

Dressing game in the field is something that most hunters take seriously. Converting a despatched animal into food fit for human consumption takes some know-how and having a set of tools to make the task more straightforward. Meat can be spoiled or totally ruined if hygienic handling of

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Edge Your Allegiance
My Macquarie dictionary defines quality as having a distinguishing feature or attribute with a degree of excellence. Within the cutlery industry and in the Australian military survival training group, it is accepted that this distinguishing feature i
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Take One Duck…
One day you will have a nice duck but you will not know what to do with that duck. It may or may not be frozen. It does not matter. You may or may not have adult supervision. I rarely do. It will speak to you (perhaps not literally) but you will be p
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Live Life With Bush Edge
Founded in Australia, Bush Edge offer high-quality universal outdoor products that are built tough for our conditions. Specifically for the hunter, the all-weather Bush Edge Ultimate rifle cover has been designed to allow quick access thanks to the s