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Cuddeback E2 Long Range IR and E3 Black Flash trail cameras

The Cuddeback E2 and E3 model trail cameras are two similar items with comparable software. However, in the hardware equipment stakes, the E3 has Black Flash and a 15m range, whereas the E2 Long Range IR has infrared flash and a 30m flash range. Each option has its strengths.

As intuition suggests, the long-range version will pick up critters further away. But at night this long-range camera will also fire a more powerful flash burst in order to reach out to the end of the detection zone. The result is that when an animal is close to the long-range game camera, there is the potential of too much flash bouncing off the critter and this can result in a white-out of the near-ground sector of the image. This can eradicate a lot of the detail of the animal that you are trying to gain information on.

Both cameras offer

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