A ‘Home’ That Can Be Interpreted Differently

The exhibition ‘designed by another ARCHITECT: The romance of many dimensions’ (hereinafter designed by another ARCHITECT) curated by Diagonal Thoughts (co-principals, Kim Sara and Kang Sojin) was on show from Jan. 7 to 19 in the

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CRYE PRECISION HEADQUARTERS MN Design Professional Corporation
photographed by Aaron Thompson (unless otherwise incicated)materials provided by MN Design Professional Corporation, Verdant ■
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A Language Interpreted As Space And Material: ‘It’s Crucial To Have An Active Fantasy Life’
Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist who has spent her career producing artwork that interrogates the use of language in our contemporary media landscapes. Beginning with ‘text work’, such as her recognisable aphorisms, proverbs and adages reflecting
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Bang Yukyung (Bang): Your third book came out nine years after the publication of New Imagination of Urban Architecture (2009) and Street Corner Architecture (2012). What story did you hope to add? Sung Hong Kim (Kim): I wrote my first book to point