ong before he started getting billionaires in trouble with NASA, the comedian Joe Rogan did a bit onstage where he mocked our obsession with the Grand Canyon. People say it’s worth travelling miles to see because the scale makes you realise just how small your role in is quite a mouthful for the non-Gallic tongued, and as it caused more than the usual ripple, most took to the more easily pronounced ‘Hermès Moonphase’ moniker. But this is no standard moonphase. The case is familiar, the top-heavy lugs particular to the Arceau collection created in 1978 by star designer Henri d’Origny. But the execution of the lunar display is unlike anything seen before, and really rather fetching. There are two Moons, seen from the southern hemisphere at 12 o’clock, northern at six. In an inversion of tradition, the Moons stand still while time and the calendar revolve around them. A miniature planetary revolution, available with either aventurine or meteorite dial, each limited to 100 pieces.

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Worth Its Weight in Gold
I was recently strolling down the Burlington Arcade, when my eye was caught by a watch in the window of George Somlo’s shop. Somlo is the only authorised dealer of vintage Omega, and has a strong line in vintage Cartier, Patek and 1960s/’70s Piaget….
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The Master of Neo-Classical Watchmaking — Laurent Ferrier
When discussing LAURENT FERRIER, I am brought to mind of Marcel Proust for a vividly evocative reason. According to the French novelist’s statement, “Style… is a revelation of a private universe which each one of us sees but which is not seen by othe
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Rolex’s 3230 and 3235 Movements — The New Standard in Watchmaking
By now you must have heard the news as it travels at light speed, circumnavigating the globe — a globe which incidentally the brand has dominated as the inimitable, unassailable king of the watch world for over one century. Yes, Rolex has launched an