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Anethum graveolens var. esculentum. Anethon is the Greek word for dill. Graveolens means strong smelling and esculentum means edible in Latin.


Dill is an annual whose distribution is widespread due to its medicinal popularity. Being native to such diverse climates as Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, parts of Turkey, northern Tibet,

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BY NIGEL PALMER (CHELSEA GREEN PUBLISHING 2020) Review by Emily Stokes He had me at Ferments. Maybe Regenerative, or Mineral and Biological Extracts, and possibly Locally Sourced. It was a combination of the entire title that captured my regenerative
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Connecting communities ONCE AND FOR ALL
Permaculture design is successful because it mimics nature’s interconnectedness. An interconnectedness which allows nature to be a self-supporting mechanism that can exist and thrive without added inputs or unnecessary waste, and it’s successful beca
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Basic Cold-process Soap
2 x medium stainless-steel saucepansSmall stainless-steel saucepanTall bowl (any material)Jug of waterDigital scalesSpoonThermometerCaustic soda (lye)Muslin clothColanderBaking tray (29 cm x 13 cm minimum)Baking paperBulldog clipsStick blender (with