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Last call for our deli-food workshop

To us, Bloemfontein is “honorary platteland”. Why? Because it’s a relatively small city, the people are as friendly as in any platteland town, and it also happens to

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News & diary
What is a farmer’s wife to do in the midst of the crippling drought in the Karoo as she watches their flock of sheep becoming skinnier and their income drying up? She makes a plan, of course, and starts to create sheep – fat little sheep that can giv
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Home Brew From The Cederberg To Your Teacup
Among imposing mountain peaks somewhere between Clanwilliam and Redelinghuys, the day’s first rays of sunlight tumble through a crevice. The curved blade of a sickle glides through the cold morning air and for a fraction of a second flashes a reflect
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These Are NOT Recycled!
On-the-go food containers, sandwich clamshells and various fruit and vegetable packaging PET bottles and tubs with edible oil contents, like cooking oil and peanut butter