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hen hunger pangs hit on the open road, a farm stall is always Platteland’s first choice to stop for a snack, especially when it’s

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The Cannabis Quandary
Never is a long time, in the words of the Roxette song, but here at Platteland we truly never thought we would ever publish an article about dagga. But here it is, on page 98 of this issue – and it’s not just a story about cannabis for medicinal use,
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Who was Tesselaar?
The history of Tesselaarsdal is broadly outlined in Annalize Mouton’s fascinating book Tesselaarsdal: A Bend in the Road. The story begins with Johannes Jacobus (Jan) Tesselaar, the son of a German immigrant who, as a reward for having been a soldier
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Eat, Drink, Enjoy
Do not expect to find a mall in Tesselaarsdal – taking a ramble is the main activity here. You can get a cooldrink or emergency supplies at one of two shops: J&S Store or Amadina Food, within walking distance of each other. Make sure to pop in at the