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RCBS Universal Case Prep Center

case uniformity is crucial for achieving consistent accuracy. With repeated firing and reloading, case-length can increase to such an extent that the case-mouth is pinched into the freebore section of the barrel – a situation that can prove very dangerous as the excessive grip now applied to the bullet can cause pressures to spike. The solution

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I enjoyed Gregor Woods’s article on the Baobab in the Feb 2020 issue of Magnum. He raised the question as to why red-billed buffalo weavers invariably nest on the west side of a baobab tree. Would it be that the prevailing winds come from the east, a
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Cz P-10 Micro
THE CZ P-10 M (MICRO) is a single-stack, short recoil, 9mmP designed for concealed carry. It operates on the locked breech principle with a striker-fired double-ac on trigger (SFDA) mechanism employing e-cocked striker. The magazine hold seven rounds
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Fools Rush In!
A FIELD NGER had seen a cheetah which a pe d to be trapped in an old fenced off are a at the rangers’ camp on the game e reserve’s boundary fence. Although it wa standard barbed-wire sto k fence, the cheetah was apparently having difficulty getting o