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Rethink Reloading?

I STARTED RELOADING in the early ’90s. I had bought a CZ 7.65mm pistol, a Lee C-frame press and Lee dies – all the cheapest available, but which I still couldn’t really afford. The gun shop assistant was not much help in answering my questions on the fundamentals of reloading; he handed me a box of bullets and mumbled something about 75gr being ‘a good starting point’.

I set up the press in my dormitory room at varsity, much to the concern of some other residents, and

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Pro-Fit Holsters
SAFARILAND HOLSTERS ARE well-known worldwide and the company offers carry solutions for every conceivable situation. In my opinion the key to their success is the quality of their products; the fact that many of the holsters can be adjusted to custom
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Bruce Highman Metal Mastery
AFTER THE DEATH of master gun-maker Bruce Highman, I wrote an obituary (Feb 2019 edition) in which I mentioned that he’d once made a to-scale miniature working model of a complex World War II b ch-loading twin-barrelled 4.7-inch naval artillery piece
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Some Colt Clones
AT SOME INT during the mid-1950s, I became involved in a gunfight with some neighbourhood kids. My parents spotted me m dodging bullets while trying o shoot b k at my assailants with my pointed finger. My dad was hastily sent to town with the terse i