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‘TRADITIONAL CHINESE Medicine has been around for more than 2,000 years,’ says TCM practitioner Jonquil Westwood Pinto (@ jonquilwpinto). ‘The aim of this medical system is to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. It’s based on the idea that qi (your body’s vital energy) circulates around multiple energy pathways called meridians.

‘Unlike with allopathic medicine in the West, TCM does not isolate symptoms but looks at the body as a whole. Practitioners seek to find the root cause of health problems so they can work out how best to bring the person back into balance,’ she says,

TCM is an umbrella term(£5.99, Nutshell Press). ‘TCM teaches that your diet should be modified to suit the time of year. The simplest way to do this is to eat food that’s in season. This will help you to stay healthy physically and emotionally,’ he says. (See the panel over the page for the seasons and their associated elements and organs).

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