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Using your INTUITION

‘Intuitive fitness is about making a day-to-day commitment to move in a way that feels nourishing to your body.’

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF intuitive eating, where you build up a your mind-body connection to pick up on feelings of hunger and fullness. Well, intuitive fitness

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your as days get darker with a splash of colour from the new CONTUR range. Their Afresh Crop (£49.99., and Smooth Move Leggings (£59.99,) shown here, will brighten any exercise class and are made using super-soft textiles fashioned in I
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As I write, I am anticipating more lockdown measures so by the time you read this, things may have changed yet again. So many new rules, regulations and constant changes are enough to add stress to even the most level-headed among us. That’s why in o
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“Out Of Your Head, Into Your Body”
AS HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE driven by emotions. They are the very thing that drives us to ‘go for it’, to create, or to chase the dream. But equally, they can create paralysis and kill creativity. Knowing this can be both empowering and overwhelming. Whil