The Makers

Reclaiming Landfill Deb Western

Debbie Weston is doing her bit when it comes to rethinking the way we treat landfill and reuse discarded items. In her newest ecofriendly project Deb has partnered with a local carpet manufacture, and together they’ve got us thinking about

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The Makers3 min letti
Kate Judson
Challenging notions of rubbish, material value, designed obsolescence and precious metals in design, Kate Judson seeks to engage in the conversation about the human relationship with technology and the Earth in the Anthropocene era. All the materials
The Makers4 min letti
Barry Gardner
After 18 years working long hours on road construction jobs, Barry Gardner had an epiphany after attending a knife show in Adelaide in 1995. Barry was overwhelmed by the artisanship and beauty of the knives on display, igniting a passion for the craf
The Makers4 min lettiFashion
Wonderpants was borne out of the idea that good underwear could be like wearing a hug. To feel special, held, loved. Creator and founder Kathryn McAllister set out to make ethical, organic, locally made underwear that makes you feel good. And she nai