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“The future is made of the same stuff as the present.” – Simone Weil

Hello fellow Junkies!

Hello and welcome tothe equilibrium, the balance of nature, while we can. We can only do this by the damage we have caused. This is by no means a simple task, but we can work seriously towards this goal with mindful actions every day. We are great and together we can make this happen.

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The Makers4 min letti
David Lester
Most lights are designed for purpose or beauty. David Lester’s lights are a little different. They also have a personality. Each piece is a luminous creature with a unique character. When illuminated, you get the comforting feeling you’re not alone.
The Makers2 min lettiFashion
Julie Stephens Designs
For Julie Stephens, jewellery making is a natural extension of all the making and crafting she has done over the years. Ever since she was a child she loved to create, in whatever form, including drawing and painting, ceramics, mosaics, knitting, cro
The Makers7 min letti
Louiseann & Kristian King
Makers can often be curiously solitary figures, the discipline and practice of their craft often necessitating an absorbed and protracted preoccupation with their medium that precludes or inhibits intimate interpersonal relationships. It takes a spec