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Even before your first cry is heard…

Do you find it strange that we are so quick to accept and acknowledge the label or identity that the world wants to bind us to? Bondage, hurt, or lies that we so often see as our portion? Yet we find it so hard to understand the divine process of how you and I were fearfully and wonderfully knitted together in our mothers’ wombs, to the image of the only living God. Vessels, created for His glory, living the Godly purpose that

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Operation Decapolis
5 CfaN Gospel Campaigns in 5 cities in 2 weeks! CfaN Bootcamp graduates and guest evangelists share testimonies of what God did in Tanzania nzania… … After one meeting had ended, I was heading back to our vehicle when people surrounded it and starte
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About The Programme
While serving as a missionary in Senegal, the programme author, Paul Bramsen, saw the opportunity to build a bridge between the Old Testament prophets and the coming of Jesus Christ. He developed 100 radio programmes, 15 minutes each, that take the l
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Visit The Persecuted Church With Open Doors
You can be a tourist on a secret mission by joining Open Doors Southern Africa on a trip to the persecuted Church. Anyone who has a passion for Jesus Christ and a love for our persecuted family across the world can join this life-changing experience.