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Impacting one young girl at a time

Near our base in the Western Province of Zambia, girls are married off to men who are typically much older than them, and may already have one or more wives. Once a girl starts menstruating, a flag is often raised by her family to advertise her eligibility for marriage. This is sometimes seen as an only hope for families to ensure a future for their girl child when they cannot afford to invest into any other path.

Restoring dignity and Godly value

We believe that programme, where we want to help empower girls with a choice for a brighter future through skills training and sustainable scholarships. The girls stay with a Godly housemother for six months while they learn valuable trades, life skills, and study the Bible while continuing their High School education. We pray that these efforts will help to empower these girls with a choice for their future and help to restore dignity and Godly value to the children in these communities.

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