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A Burden on the Heart of the Believer “I charge you therefore, Preach the Word!”

Most of us would recognise that the last words of a great and godly man or woman before their death would likely be words of great value. Words to consider and ponder. Jesus’ seven statements from the Cross are of that category and are thus recorded for us in the Gospels.

Paul’s last words

Paul would be in the category of a great and godly man whose final words would be noteworthy. We have those words, at least those that were recorded in print. The last of Paul’s writings – under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – was the 2nd letter to Timothy. The last chapter of the last letter would be the last words of the great Apostle Paul that we have recorded for us:

“How can we wake up in the morning thinking, ‘Everybody’s saved, I don’t need to do anything anymore’? When we look,

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