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BERGANTINO Forté head, HDN-210 and HDN-112 cabs

As you may have read in last month’s interview with Jim Bergantino, a few years ago he launched the B|amp, a 800w class D amp with a range of digital signal processing (DSP) features allowing the user to match the amp to a range of Bergantino cabs. It’s been a great success, and now Bergantino have launched the Forté, a head with the same power as the B|amp but with fewer features and at a lower price. How does it match up when plugged into the company’s HDN-112

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Impedance Explained
Now, here’s a subject that causes a lot of confusion—the dreaded impedance. Relax while I break the idea down to its simplest terms in order to help you understand what it means, and why it’s important to understand when you’re hooking up speaker cab
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Technical Specification
Price | $499 Made In | China Features | Two channels, 10 MOhm Impedance inputs, Individual High Pass/ Notch Filter for each channel, XLR input with phantom power, tuner out, serial/parallel effects loop, balanced output with speaker simulator and g
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