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aginal yeast infections, caused by an overgrowth of the fungus are a common health concern, causing itching, burning, and discharge. so you can use it vaginally,” explains Minkin. A 2015 Iranian study found women who used a mixture of yoghurt and honey had better results in reducing yeast infection than those who were treated with a standard antifungal aid.

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6 Easy Cleaneating Rules
Forget the old three squares and mindless snacking—in most clean diets you’ll eat five or six healthy, well-planned meals each day. This keeps your metabolism consistently fueled throughout the day by preventing your blood sugar from dipping, so you
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“I Wanted to Like What I Saw in the Mirror”
ASHLEY SOTO was able to get away with eating lots of junk food when she was growing up, but the combination of an unhealthy diet and having two children close together (daughter Melanie was born in 2010; daughter Ava in 2011) was hard on her body. By
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