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FOR TOO LONG, carbohydrates has been a bad word. We’ve embraced the idea that cutting out most forms of carbs from our diets will help us lose weight and build muscle. And certainly, eliminating the most processed forms—white flour, white rice, plain pasta—can go a long way toward helping you reach your fat-loss goals. But as an active woman, you can’t afford to fear carbohydrates. In fact, the right type and amount can make a huge difference in your training and your results.

“Muscle glycogen, or stored carbs, is the No. 1 fuel source used during high-intensity training sessions, so it’s important to have enough in your diet to get you through your workouts,” notes Christian Coates, founder of Soulmate Food in the U.K., which seeks to blend functional, fitness-friendly food with high-level cuisine; and author of Soulmate Food Fitness Gourmet. Post-workout, carbs help restore muscle glycogen and even give your immune system a boost.

The key, of course, is knowing which carbs to embrace and which

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