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Why every day should be a CELEBRATION

Marking occasions, such as Christmas, Easter and anniversaries, gives us a sense of perspective and stops each day, week and month from blurring into one another – as well as giving us a reason to smile. But if celebrating can give us a boost, why limit it to certain days in the year?

Clinical psychologist Dr Cecilia D’Felice and self-improvement expert Nina Grunfeld say it’s when times are tough and life feels like a struggle that taking note of the small achievements can give you a long-lasting sense of

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More confident THAN EVER
Suzi Grant, 69, is the author of the health book, Alternative Ageing. When you’re young, you’re more concerned with what other people think of you, and that was certainly the case for me. At age 30, I worked in TV and radio as a journalist and write
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How Much Caffeine Is In…
✱ Instant coffee 75mg per 190ml cup ✱ Brewed coffee 85mg per 190ml cup ✱ Brewed tea 50mg per 190ml cup ✱ Energy drinks 28-87mg per 250ml serving ✱ Coke 30mg per 330ml can ✱ Dark chocolate 50mg per small bar ■
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The Truth About COFFEE
We’re continually bombarded with research on coffee, and caffeine in general, but very rarely is it all one-sided. While scientists from the National Institutes of Health in the US reckon six cups of coffee a day could help us live longer, expert rep