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sing AA+ Nguni cow hides, the Cow Hide Co. specialises in designer rugs that are either acid-washed with a foil or stamp technique, dyed or printed. Meticulous planning goes into every rug, with hand-cut blocks arranged into patterns and hand-sewn together. Limited in quantity, the designer rugs are also customisable. Starting at R7 500 per square metre, or pop into the showroom at 50 Barnet Street, Dunkley Square, Gardens, Cape Town.

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The luxury wine movement is gaining speed with some of South Africa’s top estates producing finely crafted, luxury wines that command high prices. Here are two for the bucket list… A tribute to the Banghoek region, this superbly crafted and silky sm
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The contemporary Cuban Couch by Cielo offers relaxation like no other! Cloaked in the most luxurious full-grain leather in a bold tan hue, it makes a striking visual statement. The deluxe couch sports visibly stitched lines that impart a modern yet c
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Dianne explains that her circumstances changed after she had her two daughters, Skylar and Sabrina (now 21 and 18 respectively), and she started baking. Teaching cookery classes, and work as a food stylist and recipe developer soon followed. Before