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01 RCBS MatchMaster

wo is always better than one … well, except if we’re talking about a stovepipe or a faulty mag. But, at least this is the case with RCBS’s MatchMaster. A twin-barreled automatic powder dispenser, this high-tech reloading instrument speeds up your time at the bench! The machine accomplishes this feat with a large main-charge tube and smaller trickle tube. Combined with an easily programmable digital scale and ample powder hopper, the MatchMaster is good for as many precise loads as you’re ready to cap. It’s outfitted with Bluetooth and is controllable via a smart device app.

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.17 Winchester Super Magnum
Winchester Ammunition, in conjunction with Savage, introduced the .17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire rifle cartridge at the 2013 SHOT Show. A Winchester Ammunition announcement called this “the most revolutionary rimfire cartridge in the company’s a
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Tiny Terminal Performance
With regard to the terminal performance of centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition, the written word has probably used up enough paper to deforest a national park. Not only is it a favorite topic for gun writers to pontificate on, it fuels a lot of g
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Lending A Third Hand
Back when I was in martial arts, we worked hard to improve hand strength. Knuckle push-ups, fingertip push-ups and tossing bags of sand back and forth were standard practice, and we were dedicated. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone has the o