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As the wellness scene has picked up speed, there is new information about diets, workouts and weight loss secrets emerging every week. People often talk about wanting to slim down, hit the gym, eat less or even cut out a food group, and many seek applause on social media for their toned physiques and unwavering commitment to nutrition and fitness. But does healthy ever become unhealthy, and where is the line?

Dr Katherine Black from the University of Otago has been studying nutrition and exercise in females, and believes parents, coaches, athletes

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Endometriosis And Fatigue
The symptoms of endometriosis can have a major impact on quality of life, mental health and physical health, but a Swiss study has found that more than half of women with the condition are also twice as likely to experience frequent fatigue compared
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Breathe Away
When you’re stressed and anxious, your breathing may become shallow or you might hold your breath, which means you’re not taking in enough oxygen. This can lead to lower levels of oxygen and higher levels of carbon monoxide in your blood and the resu
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In your SIGHTS
It has been drummed into us since we were children to ‘slip, slop and slap’ on sunscreen to protect our largest organ, our skin, from solar UV (ultraviolet) damage and melanoma, but did you know UV rays can also play havoc on our eyes? In New Zealand