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Winter weight tracker

Who wants to venture out for a run when it’s so cosy at home?

As humans, our bodies have evolved with the seasons to eat heavily in the harvest season (autumn) and keep weight on in the winter to protect from the cold and lack of food. We naturally crave warm foods and the fats to protect our organs and skin from wild winds, cooler temperatures and less sunlight.

‘You gain weight in the winter, and then burn it off in the summer’

There’s no question it’s easier to make healthy choices in summer – there’s an abundance of produce in season, the sun is shining, the days are long – and we feel naturally motivated to head outdoors and get active. But come the

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Takeaway Tips
» Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating a wholefoods diet high in fruit and veggies, being at a healthy body weight, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking. » Consider whether you want a family, and depending on your age, take any steps to ensure
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Fertile Ground
Understanding our fertility can be a confusing and unpredictable journey. We are told repeatedly as young women about the importance of using contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy as if it is something that happens easily, but when it is finally
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Autumn Checklist
Autumn is here, and there’s no better time than the present to update your skincare arsenal with the latest and greatest in buzz-worthy ingredients. Supercharge your skin before the cooler months hit! If you’re not familiar with moringa oil, that’s a