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Actress and model Christie Brinkley turned 65 in February – but instead of celebrating that actual number, she called it her 15th 50th birthday, in recognition of the fact she feels no older than 50. This, she says, is her ‘spirit age’, which is nothing to do with how old she is. And this is an idea we love, as thinking this way has been proven to turn back the clock.


In recent years, researchers examining the science of ageing have found that the more positive we feel about

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Endometriosis And Fatigue
The symptoms of endometriosis can have a major impact on quality of life, mental health and physical health, but a Swiss study has found that more than half of women with the condition are also twice as likely to experience frequent fatigue compared
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In your SIGHTS
It has been drummed into us since we were children to ‘slip, slop and slap’ on sunscreen to protect our largest organ, our skin, from solar UV (ultraviolet) damage and melanoma, but did you know UV rays can also play havoc on our eyes? In New Zealand
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FIGHT Fatigue
It is estimated around a third of New Zealanders are fatigued because they don’t get enough sleep. Although it’s natural for our energy levels to fluctuate, if you’re feeling chronically fatigued, there could be a few factors at play. Everyone feels