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“First, think about what you’d like to change and why this is important to you, then visualise an action you want to take to achieve that

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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ3 min lettiTech
Changing THE RULES
You scan Instagram and see picture-perfect images of friends having a good time on a beach somewhere exotic. Or perhaps they’re at the newest restaurant in town posting ‘food porn’. Switch to Twitter or Facebook and you see more of the same… people w
Good Health Choices Magazine NZ1 min lettiPsychology
Ageing Well
Most of us have a vision of how we’d like to end up in old age. In an ideal world, I see myself still heading to yoga, splashing around at aqua-aerobics sessions, going for walks with my husband, reading shedloads of books, catching up with friends a
Good Health Choices Magazine NZ2 min letti
How To Get Your JOMO Back
» So how do you loosen the grip of FOMO and explore the benefits of JOMO? Say ‘no’ more often. “People struggle to say no but if someone asks me to do something, I’ll describe the situation, express how I feel and offer a solution. So, if I’m too bus