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New Year’s resolutions work well for you, brilliant! You’ve probably already made a start on your goals for 2020 and are not looking for much guidance in this realm.

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Look Out For:
(a mole that is not even in shape, contours and colouring). (irregular, jagged borders). (such as brown, red, white or black). (greater than 6mm). (a mole that rapidly changes in shape, size, thickness or colour). ■
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Ask The Expert
Does exercise decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? A Yes. Anything that improves your cardiovascular health decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by improving the blood supply to your brain. More recently, research has shown that independ
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Change Is Coming...
Every year has a sort of astrological “signature” – a central theme or story. This year, one of the signatures is a series of rolling Jupiter/Pluto alignments – one of which takes place this month. Jupiter is the planet of plenty, Pluto is the plan