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When most people think about improving their appearance, they usually focus on a product: some kind of ‘quick fix’. Yet when you consider that the skin cells on your face are a small percentage of the total number of cells in the whole body, it seems crazy that we don’t spend more time getting the majority of our cells functioning optimally.

Beauty really is an inside job. How often do you stop to consider that your outer layer is merely a reflection of inner processes, completely reliant on the health of the 50 trillion cells that you are made of? And the health of those cells is influenced by everything from

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Originally Fashion Quarterly was to be… simply a pictorial shop window for retailers and manufacturers. A catalogue of seasonal clothing to drive consumer business and create awareness with current local fashion. It was originally a complimentary cat
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Team Tunes
“I’ve been singing in choirs all my life, and so much of what I’ve learned about personal and professional development in my corporate career is relatable to the experiences I’ve had in them. Workplace teams are looking for practical ways to build cu