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A routine gets us out the door in the morning, but veering from the norm can reignite the passion — and playfulness — that makes a beauty regimen pleasurable again. Whether it’s a left-of-centre trend or throwing out the rule book altogether, it feels good to get a little rebellious.


Nudge over nude — bold, unrestrained

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Fashion Quarterly3 min letti
The Luminaries
Some 2020 beauty maths: glossy hair is to glass hair what glass skin is to highlight. Still with us? Liquid and powder highlighters were once the beauty world’s obsession. There was nary a woman who wasn’t swiping a layer of pearlescent product onto
Fashion Quarterly3 min lettiPopular Culture & Media Studies
Nostalgia With… paula Ryan
Originally Fashion Quarterly was to be… simply a pictorial shop window for retailers and manufacturers. A catalogue of seasonal clothing to drive consumer business and create awareness with current local fashion. It was originally a complimentary cat
Fashion Quarterly3 min letti
Feelgood Fabrics
Fashion is inherently emotive, helping us feel good, express ourselves, communicate our values and connect with others. Feeling is also influenced by a garment’s origins; who made it, and what is it made from? The globalisation of the fashion system,