Australian Traveller

Knife maker

THE WAY I STARTED MAKING KNIVES? I was 18 years old and I made one for myself. My next-door neighbour saw it and said, ‘Can you make me one?’ So I made a second one, which was better than the first, and it went on from there.

I’D READ A FEW BOOKS ON HOW TO DO IT. Of course, this was pre-internet and pre-YouTube, so I never had any chance to learn that way, whereas today I have 11-year-old kids who come to me and say ‘Look at the knife I’ve made; this is my second’, and you go, ‘Wow – you’ve done a really good job’.

In the end I’m pretty much self taught, but I did find a few other local knifemakers and I picked their brains. That was back in

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