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Let’s get straight to the point: saving the planet calls for drastic measures. Every small step counts – separating your rubbish, avoiding plastic straws, eating less meat, and buying conscious fashion and beauty items all make a difference. However, according to Babette Porcelijn, author of The Hidden Impact, we can still do more. Together with a group of experts and the Dutch independent research agency CE Delft, Porcelijn analysed the worldwide ecosystem and our influence upon it. That is how she came to an ‘Impact Top 10’ of our daily life.

Our lifestyle – often unintentionally – has an unprecedented impact. A new laptop, a holiday to Bali and even a night of watching Netflix series causes damage. According to Porcelijn, the biggest problem is ‘the hidden impact’ that we do not see. Say you buy a phone. Not necessarily that destructive for the environment, you might assume? Well, before you have it in your hands, already a great deal has happened. Think about the extraction of raw materials, the utilisation of toxins and the emissions of CO2 in the manufacturing and transport process. And so, for the greater part, our impact takes place without us being aware of it. So, what can you do to live as sustainably as possible?


If want to live a more sustainable life it you , is a good idea to look at everything you eat and drink. Unfortunately, . The same goes for milk products and eggs, however, we tend to eat relatively smaller portions of those. According to 2017 data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), South Africa has the 16th highest per-capita consumption of beef and veal in the world.

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