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As a Leo, you already know that everything revolves around you, right? Write this down: 14 August is your best day, so go ahead and plan the most extra b-day bash. Is it hot in here, or is it just you? (It’s you.)

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Cosmopolitan South Africa2 min letti
Zendaya’s Stylist Gave Me R14 000 Worth Of New Hair
True story: I used to vent to my group chat all the time that no matter how many hair-growth gummies I took, my hair would just not grow past my collarbone. IDK if she felt bad for me or couldn’t listen to me complain for another second, but my frien
Cosmopolitan South Africa1 min letti
Bridesmaid Horror Stories
‘My aunt passed away right before my (former) best friend’s bachelorette party. I went, but she told me she didn’t like how quiet I was.’ -BROOKE, 31 ‘I was the MOH in a friend’s wedding, and when we got to the dance floor, we found out that the b
Cosmopolitan South Africa4 min letti
Plant Power
Cannabis was once (and probably still is, according to the more conservative among us) referred to as ‘devil’s lettuce’ – a gateway drug that could cause serious harm with absolutely no benefits whatsoever. But boy, have things changed! In 2018 the C