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Have you ever got dressed, but then changed your outfit for fear of what other people might think?

I know I have, and at times it’s been because I worry that others may think I’m showing ‘too much’ cleavage, or that my skirt is verging on the side of a little ‘too

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The Truth About These Tests
Curious about your predisposition to certain diseases? Genetic tests, which range in cost from about R1 000 to R4 000, scan your DNA for particular genetic markers for conditions such as late-onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and breast and ova
Cosmopolitan South Africa2 min letti
Which Plant Child You Should Adopt
Your Uber’s here. Where are you? A In the shower. B Changing (again) with one eye on my phone. C Ready to go. I literally just got the notification. D Corralling my group to meet me out front while sweet-talking the driver. You’re most likely t
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What COSMO Readers Love In A ~romantic~ Hot Spot
29% Say pass 55% Don’t care 16% Are down 59% of you have your dates pick where to meet up. 41% of you choose. 38% Close to your house 3 % Near your date’s place 59% In the middle 31% Show up early 52% Show up exactly on time 17 % Show up