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Um, can we please talk about ‘emotional boners’?

men may not have periods or labour pains, but there is one unfair thing that comes with the territory of being biologically male: unexpected erections. The inconvenient boner coaxed by a buxom model on a pasta-sauce jar is a punch line in practically every coming-of-age movie. But deep in the subcategories of stiffies – somewhere between morning wood and immediate hard-ons

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‘Grace has now told one friend the truth. They weren’t as angry as she expected, but have asked for evidence next time she tells them something. Knowing someone wants to be her friend for who she really is has given Grace confidence.’ PHOTOGRAPHY GET
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Marc Buckner
What is the most surprising thing about you? I’m most comfortable in my old tracksuit pants and a hoodie. What is your ultimate date-night movie? It, because it brings your date closer to you! What are you listening to right now? Adrenalize by