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“No matter how much we try to run away from the thirst for the answer to life, the intensity only gets stronger and stronger.”Ravi Zacharias (born

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Trailing Alongside the West Asian Tribes
The Bakhtiaris, a nomadic tribe of several families, still roam the mountains of Zagros, Iran, as they migrate twice a year (spring and autumn) with their flocks of goats and sheep. A southwestern Iranian tribe, the Bakhtiaris are a subgroup of the L
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Protective Equipment
Goggles or face shield to prevent exposure of the eye mucosa to the virus. The goggles must fit the contours of the user’s face and be compatible with the respirator FFP2* or FFP3* If filtering facepiece (FFP) respirators are not available, the use o
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Recognised Tribal Populations
(Percentage of the country's total population) 36% of 29.1 million people 8.6% of 1.3 billion people 7.2% of 69.8 million people 1.8% of 164.7 million people 13.8% of 32.4 million people 8.5% of 1.4 billion people 32% of 54.4 million people 2-3% of