The Savage Removal of a Malicious Shrub

self-taught horticulturist, which means I had the luxury of learning the fun stuff I liked (plants, soil, design) while deftly sidestepping the rest (turf, plant ID). It also means that when I’m among classically trained horticulturists I’ve become nimble at moving the conversation to things I know and faking the rest.

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Out Of Thin Air
If a plant is completely out-of-control big, you can use a propagation technique called air layering to create a new, smaller version. This method is especially handy for schefflera, citrus plants, dragon tree (Dracaena marginata), croton, swiss chee
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Winter Checklist
Get organized! With the gardening boom expected to continue into 2021, my goal is to place my seed, plant and bulb orders as early as possible. I’m also inspecting my grow lights, replacing old bulbs and cleaning off any dirt and debris to get ready