DITCHING the stove

WHEN TRAMPING, the promise of a hot meal at the end of the day is the dangled carrot I often need to put one foot in front of the other.

There’s nothing so satisfying as sitting down on sore haunches, looking over a view, and indulging in the ceremony of setting up a camp cooker.

As the sizzles, bubbles, singes and spits emit from a hot pot, the anticipation grows – as any tramper knows, food never tastes as good as it does in the backcountry.

But – hard as it is to believe – some trampers don’t care much for a hot meal when they’re on the trail, and some leave their

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Altro da Wilderness

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A Perfect Day Amongst The Alps
MOUNT COOK VILLAGE is known for its stunning mountain views, which can be enjoyed from multiple angles and heights, no matter how hardcore a tramper or climber you might be. There’s lots to see and do, so you’ll need to get your tramping boots on to
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Summiting The Mountain Of Love
AT 953M, Te Aroha is the highest point on the Kaimai Mamaku Range and the broadcasting tower at the top is a landmark seen for miles around on clear summer days. It’s rumoured that on such days you can see Mt Taranaki from the summit, but on our chos
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See More ... Mountain Astelia
AS A TRAMPER, I naturally enjoy photographing the rolling tussock tops of backcountry ranges. Often, however, I yearn for something to anchor the foreground and to provide a contrast against the red-gold tussocks. Mountain tarns make pleasing foregro