The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

Susie Kroll's "PARALYZED OATH" Deer Hunt

Dr. James (Dr. Deer) and Susie Kroll pulled up in the driveway at my Lorena residence on Thanksgiving weekend, and our long-awaited visit began. I was on the porch that faces back towards the blacktop, and I had seen them pull off the county road and take the gravel road, across the creek, to the house.

This special visit began at last year’s Fort Worth Hunters Extravaganza in August when I told James I would sell a deer rifle that he wanted really bad. The price was set on the Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in the rare 6.5x55 Swedish caliber that Winchester had produced for a short time some 45 years ago that I had traded from Tommy Kaye. On this trip to see his mamma in Waco, James wanted to get the rifle and shoot it a bit before some planned deer hunts. I knew they were in a hurry

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