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• Make the patties slightly bigger than the bun as they will shrink a little. Rub a little neutral oil on them to encourage browning and prevent sticking. Ensure you season well; salt helps draw out moisture so you get a good crusty sear.

• Not all burgers need cheese, but many are improved by it. Halloumi works well with pickles, mushrooms and lamb; blue cheese is fabulous with beetroot, mushrooms and beef or nut-based patties; and Cheddar cheese will add some punchy flavour and works well with pickles, sauerkraut and onions. Mozzarella is mild and stretchy and adds richness without being overwhelming in flavour.

• Supermarkets now carry an extensive selection of buns, from the classic sesame seed to keto, brioche and grain options. Kids or those with a smaller appetite may prefer little patties served in slider buns.

• There are endless options, 2 tablespoons , 1 tablespoon , 2 teaspoons , 1 crushed clove , ¼ teaspoon and a handful of finely chopped fresh .

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