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RHA TrueConnect

£149 /

Wireless in-ears usually come with compromises. Great sound, poor fit. Great design, no waterproofing. And that’s before we

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Sight For Soar Eyes
It’s been a few years since DJI sent an entirely new category of drone soaring into the wild blue heavens, but the DJI FPV seems to be just that: it’s the first flyer to combine the company’s aerial camera knowhow with a true, race-worthy first-perso
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Tech Toys
£330 / It’s clear Lego has prioritised immediacy and fun with its latest build-your-own-bots kit, which lets you and/or your little ones create five different coding-controlled mecha-beings. Yes, the set lacks a proper screen and
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NEW This gadget has leapt straight outta testing and into our rankings. HOT BUY Searing with techy genius, a product that’s set our hearts aflame. BARGAIN BUY A solid gold bargain. Worth owning, regardless of cashflow. UPDATE Time changes everything,