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Chasing A Rusa Stag

I’D moved from Victoria to Queensland to new work and different hunting opportunities, like multitudes of pigs, but also rusa, chital, Brisbane Valley reds, fallow deer and wild dogs; they are all exciting animals to hunt. A few times I came across wild dogs in Victoria and central-western NSW, but with modest success. I have a lot of respect for these unpredictable and cunning predators as hunting them is a true challenge, day and night - a true Aussie experience. Night hunting has helped me learn so much more about their behaviour and habits, thermal equipment helping me to outsmart many dogs; it is by far more productive method of dog eradication and wins farmers hearts. After few unsuccessful tries I managed to find a farmer who was willing to give me a go on his 15,000 acre property north west from Brisbane, but I had to work for it.

Rolling up bright and early at his homestead and soon after warm coffee we commenced to talking about notable hunting stories. The cocky was a very agile and strong man who was carrying his age well under a never ending workload. He was the vanishing kind, proud and modest, moulded by this harsh land, good and

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One Duck Opening
WITH LESS than a week to go before the start of the Victorian Duck Season it was time to get moving. I had already made up my mind as to where I was going to put the opening in as I had been hunting foxes in the area over the last few months and had
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British Columbia Mountain Goat
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Letter Of The Month
QHow do you think a single-shot compares with a bolt-action repeater for hunting? I have a Ruger No. 1 in .30-06 and all my mates have bolt-action repeaters. They rubbish my rifle, but in my hunting career I’ve taken 24 trophy animals with a single s