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Bowhunting Dangerous Game – Part 1

As a young lad growing up hunting with my dad, I’d listened to the old man, Ted Mitchell Snr, telling stories of chasing and bow hunting buffalo bulls and scrub bulls up in Northern Australia. It was something that I definitely wanted to do from a young age as there was the excitement and thrill of knowing that you are hunting an animal that can easily turn the tables on the hunter turning the hunter into the hunted if you weren’t careful.

Hunting dangerous game is certainly not for the faint hearted, especially with a bow and arrow. There’s always the chance that you could incite an angry bovine to charge and its that danger and excitement that brings so many hunters to the top end of Australia in search of our infamous ild scrub bulls, water buffalo and Bantang.

Fast forward about 15 odd years and I got that chance to bow hunt buffalo in the NT.

Three super keen bowhunters made the long drive to the northern territory and we weren’t disappointed. It didn’t take long and I had my opportunity and stalked into 30 yards of a very large mature buffalo bull which was happily feeding totally unaware of the imminent danger he was in. Waiting for the right shot angle I Slowly drew my 70Lb Mathews MR7 and slipped a single Easton FMJ Dangerous Game arrow into the

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Great Mates, Top Dogs & Good Boars
With extra fuel, an icebox full of drinks, a sizeable quantity of rissole and pickle sandwiches the canine cavalry in the dogbox, ammo, bang sticks, tracking collars, a camera and tripod (my nickname at school) a first aid kit (containing two beers)