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From the Debris Field…

Wreck divers are invited to submit short pieces of information about a shipwreck currently in the news in their general area. Perhaps there is not enough information, or not enough archival and/or underwater images, to submit it as a full-length article, so this From the Debris Field… column becomes the ideal venue for a short piece. This, however, does not preclude it from becoming a full-length article in the future.

We welcome short, written submissions, ideally, but not necessarily, accompanied by a photograph or two, for future issues of Wreck Diving Magazine. Please send them to joe@wreckdivingmag.com

Drinking Shipwreck History

Just in case divers didn’t think exploring shipwrecks was exciting enough, there is now another reason to go wreck diving: to find vintage beer and have it scientifically recreated from its original yeast and other components, in effect creating “Jurassic shipwreck beer!”

This process appears to have started in 1991, when a British brewer, using yeast salvaged from a barge that sank in the English Channel in 1825, created a beer called Original Flag Porter.


More recently, in 2010, divers found a merchant shipwreck in the north Baltic Sea off the unusual Aaland Islands lying between Sweden and Finland, where the inhabitants speak Swedish, the isles belong to Finland, yet they have autonomous local government. Research could not yet name this shipwreck reportedly lying in 40 feet [12 metres,

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