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Wreck enthusiasts are invited to submit short pieces of information about a shipwreck currently in the news in their general area. Perhaps there is not enough information, or not enough archival and/or underwater images, to submit it as a full-length article, so this From the Debris Field… column becomes the ideal venue for a short piece. This, however, does not preclude it from becoming a full-length article in the future.

We welcome short, written submissions, ideally, but not necessarily, accompanied by a photo or two, for future issues of Wreck Diving Magazine. Please send them to joe@wreckdivingmag.com

A Biblical Anchor?

Several books have been written about the voyage and shipwreck during Biblical times of St. Paul, who, while traveling to Rome on a large cargo ship in about the year 60 A.D., was stranded and wrecked in a storm off the island of Melita (today’s Malta), south of Italy, as related by Luke in the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament. While no one died during this sinking two thousand years ago, eyewitness accounts of this shipwreck’s location were not, unsurprisingly, handed down from generation to generation.

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