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The Year Of THE RAT


Abundance is simply a matter of perception. It’s time to be more proactive: Put in the effort and you would begin to notice opportunities in every aspect of your life. Some might even say that abundance is your birthright, but you may have been too busy to notice.


While there’s no denying that your efforts can, and will yield monetary rewards, you’d need to be extra cautious of unwittingly overspending this year. Practise self-restraint, plan your finances well and stick to it to a tee to avoid debt in the year ahead.


It looks to be relatively uneventful in the love department. If you’re in a committed relationship, keep the fires of your romance ablaze by whisking your partner off on a relaxing getaway. This will save your relationship from complacency and boredom. If you’re single and looking, widen your social circle to increase your chances of finding the right partner. Also, there’s no need to rush – whirlwind romances aren’t in the cards for you this year, so take things slow.


Pay extra attention to your physical and emotional well-being. Eat right, sleep well. If you don’t take care of your lifestyle habits, you could have a higher chance of encountering urinary problems. Make sure you go for medical check-ups when necessary.


With the rise of three auspicious stars, worry will be succeeded with optimism, and hope will replace fear. Although inauspicious stars look to potentially derail you from your goals, a positive and

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