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Slow, loving strokes are thought to be the most beneficial kind of touch as it has a therapeutic quality. It has hormonal benefits, and it’s reciprocal in nature, too.

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Staying Alive
Poor diet is the leading cause of disease, premature ageing and lower health expectancy. American doctor and author Dr Michael Greger has used this fact, proven through countless studies, to devise a special dietary regimen he wrote about in his book
Singapore Women's Weekly5 min lettiPsychology
Building Up The Brain
Silence at the dinner table, the slamming of bedroom doors, arguments, tantrums and tears – no one is denying that parenting a child or teen is hard, but for the most part, mood swings and the occasional outburst should be exactly that; occasional. I
Singapore Women's Weekly1 min letti
Real Talk
“My husband and I both agree to always try to communicate to our son first. He’s almost three years old, so while he can let me know what he wants most of the time, there are times when he gets frustrated because he can’t get his needs or wants acros